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Protect Your Data and Organization

Providing situational awareness wherever you are.

Doing business in Latin America requires the protection of your data and organization. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks and privacy breaches are becoming more prevalent, and the reality is that most organizations have inadequate defenses.

Marsden Technology provides cutting-edge global security technology solutions to help your company operate with peace of mind. We assess your company's current security measures and propose actionable solutions for improvement.

Mardsen Technology is an international security consulting firm with deep industry experience in Latin American markets. We help clients measure and enhance their current security practices to securely and successfully conduct business operations. Our team is comprised of innovative individuals who utilize the most effective security technologies to ensure that clients are always protected from risks.

End-to-End Security Solutions.

At Marsden Technology we pride ourselves on being able to provide international security technology consulting for our clients and their businesses.

We present an outside perspective on your business's defense systems to help you better understand your organization's vulnerabilities and provide concrete plans to rectify and prevent harmful attacks.


Our Services

We offer a variety of global security solutions based on your individual business needs. Our team of experts is here to help your organization stay secure no matter where you conduct business.

IoT Security

If your business has internet-connected devices in locations throughout the world, device security is critical. Marsden Technology uses a variety of security technologies to ensure that your organization has comprehensive situational awareness and can easily monitor all of your systems.

Our staff performs thorough security risk assessments that examine vulnerabilities in connected devices, network systems, and user backend systems. We help ensure your business's success by ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your devices and data.

Risk Management

Technology failures, such as information security incidents or service outages, can put your company's operational efficiencies at risk. At Marsden Technology, we provide technology risk assessments and risk management services to help keep your organization online no matter where in the world you do business.

We help our clients reduce costs and risks by assessing the functionality of their IT components. Marsden experts help clients identify underlying system technologies, their life cycles, and any software dependencies. A comprehensive understanding of interdependent technologies can help create a more streamlined IT infrastructure, which reduces a majority of technology risks.

Integrated Security

Managing your own security infrastructure can be expensive and complex, leading to increased vulnerabilities or potential threats. However, by integrating physical and cyber security, Marsden Technology ensures that your organization is safe from most risks associated with conducting business globally.

We offer cloud-based security systems to help our clients better protect and manage their data. These cloud-based security systems enable remote access and equipment monitoring with the ability to receive and respond to alerts from any device—in any location—allowing you to protect your infrastructure and data.


The best way to protect your business is to understand how security technology impacts your day-to-day operations. Here are commonly asked questions. If you don't see your answer here, please reach out to us!

A security breach can cost your business thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost revenue. Not only is sensitive data compromised, but client confidence in your business may cause them to seek services elsewhere. Our consultants can identify vulnerabilities within your business and develop strategies to mitigate potentially devastating financial, operational, and reputational losses to your business.
We offer our clients an initial complimentary security consultation in which we review your current security technology policies and discuss how we can work together to improve your practices. Connect with us via our contact form to learn more about our offerings!
No. At Marsden Technology we know that solutions are most effective when tailored specifically to your business needs. We do not make commissions from purchases, so our judgment is never compromised. We offer multiple options for securing your business, complete with pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision on how to best protect your organization.
Every engagement begins with a security audit. Our experts perform a comprehensive examination and assessment of your systems to identify gaps in security and opportunities for improvement. We provide you with a detailed report of your security strengths and weaknesses, along with recommendations for improving your security policies and strengthening your IT security systems.
While there is not a globally accepted cybersecurity standard, our international expertise means we deliver solutions tailored to your business and your location.
Marsden Technology provides your business with automated mechanisms to monitor your network and systems. Additionally, we offer ongoing support with quarterly testing and audits to protect your business against the latest threats.


At Marsden Technology our core values guide every action we take in our business. We offer services and solutions to our clients while always ensuring the highest standards and consistent quality across every project.


To better understand your company and its potential risks, we listen to your needs and assess your market, operations, and security challenges. Then we work collaboratively to develop an actionable strategy for improvement.


Based on your company's specific needs, our experts research and analyze the most reliable technologies for software, hardware, and infrastructure.


Once we finish the consulting process, Marsden staff determines a realistic project plan and timeline, as well as answer any questions you may have about our proposed solutions.


After your project is completed, our staff ensures that your organization is satisfied with the quality of services received and that all your requirements have been met.

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